b. 1977, Baní, Dominican Republic, lives and works in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Working with various media like sculpture, installation, site-specific interventions and ready-mades Engel Leonardo addresses issues related to climate, nature, architecture, traditional crafts and popular culture in the Caribbean. With Moderno Tropical (2013), an intervention at the modernist building of the Museo de Arte Moderno of Santo Domingo, questions the modern architectural models implanted in Latin America with 13 sculptures made of tropical architectural elements that aim to integrate the building with the local context. Other works of Leonardo, part of El Sur Kadist Collection, also related to the architectural and natural landscape of the islandAntillas (2013) consists of modernist pots incorporating Afro-Caribbean motifs representing with each vessel a different Caribbean island containing endemic plants of the archipelago, and Untitled (2011) shows a series of protected everyday objects with iron bars cages referring the architectural and social status of the region.